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$50 for each of the first ten units
$5 for each of the next 100 units
$2 per unit thereafter.

Thus 125 units would be (10 x $50)  + (100 x $5) + (15 x $2) = $1030.

(A unit is a piece of equipment which needs periodic servicing such as trucks, trailers, bulldozers, generators, air compressors or lighting plants. Fire extinguishers, SCBA or similar are not part of the licensed unit count.)

The supplied license key will have ten percent additional units to allow for growth.

Annual updates are 25% of the current pricing for the number of licensed units with a $75 minimum.

Payment can be US or Canadian cheque or with a credit card using Paypal.  Email tony@granitefleet.com  for an invoice from a corporate email account.  If a hotmail account I will be doing some questioning..  A PDF file with the invoice and a temporary license key file will be emailed to you.  Upon receipt of payment a permanent license key file will be emailed.

Free initial import of equipment spreadsheet data.

You can download the complete program at the downloads page to view and test.

Installation and Training

Available at $95 per hour and travel. However the system is easy to install. The users themselves state the system is easy to use. (Yes, I know that every programmer around the world states that but this program really is easy to use.)  Online help is available throughout the system.

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