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Granite Fleet Manager - Setup

Granite Fleet Manager V1.65 Setup  (File size - 2.6 Mb)  (Minor bug fixes)

Granite Fleet Manager V1.64 Setup  (File size - 2.6 Mb)

The program can be downloaded and used as a demo for an unlimited period of time.   The only restriction is that you are limited to five units and "Granite Consulting Demo System" appear on the bottom of key forms and all reports.   Once you decide to purchase the program you will be supplied with a license key file containing your organization name and the number of licensed units.

While this program requires Microsoft Access to be installed it will use any pre-existing Access 2000 - 2007 already installed on your system.   If you're not sure if you have a relevant Access runtime installed then download the Granite Fleet Manager Setup and see if you get the message as per the below screen.

You do not need to be running as an administrator to install the Granite Fleet Manager program above.  You will need to be running as administrator to install the below mentioned runtime if that is required.

Granite Fleet Manager Access 2003 Runtime setup

The Fleet Management Access 2003 Runtime must be installed before installing the Fleet Management program. Setup will stop.

If you see the above error message then you must download the Granite Fleet Manager Access 2003 Runtime. (File size - 40 Mb)   This will require administrator privileges on your PC and at least 100 Mb of free space on the client system..

Minimum operating system requirements are Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP or Windows Vista.  This will also run on Windows 2003 Terminal Server.

For screen by screen instructions see the Granite Fleet Manager Access 2003 Runtime Setup

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