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Update History

Update History

1.64 2009-04-29 (2.6 Mb)

  • Minor updates and bug fixes

1.62 2009-04-14 (2.6 Mb)

  • Extensive updates to temporary location handling for moving equipment around from job site to job site as well as the main office shop site.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

1.62 2008-11-29 (2.6 Mb)

  • Ten year annual maintenance costs report
  • Email feedback form
  • Added meaningful error 2114 screen
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

1.61 2008-11-18 (3 Mb)

  • Added customer invoicing including labour rates, markup percentagess on parts and parts types and external invoices and sales taxes. Added internal invoice number and customer purchase order number to service order to ensure that the service order was invoiced.
  •  Extensively reworked the service order forms. Selecting reports by individual customers now shows your price to them rather than your cost
  • Added mechanics comments to service order.
  • Added logo to printed service order.
  • Added Service Order Quick Find so you can do extensive searching
  • Updating the hourly rates for Service Techs will ask if you want to update the service orders as well to get a more accurate cost.
  • Temporary locations will now appear on the overdue items screen and report
  • Added an overdue items report
  • Export reports to Excel

1.59 2008-04-14 - Download (2 Mb)

  • Zip and email the data mdb to technical support and/or yourself
  • numerous minor bug fixes

1.58 2008-02-22

  • Equipment and parts forms substantially reworked.  A number of parts inquiries forms added including viewing the quantity of parts used by equipment for failure or leak analysis.

1.56 2007-11-30

  • Display photos of equipment on equipment form and selected reports

1.55 2007-09-06

  • Each user has a scan folder and backup location
  • email reports as PDF files to users (useful for Terminal Server and WinConnect users where printer mapping doesn't reliably work)
  • units can have permanent locations
  • unit status combo box
  • Custom Fields inspections can have expiry warning interval by group or by unit and not just globally defined.

1.53 2007-08-21

  • Exit system after a certain amount of inactivity. Default 30 minutes.
  • Track who accesses system
  • Backup is now specified on Global Options form or can be set by user if desired.
  • Service hours interval can now also be by equipment group or at the equipment level.

Older versions aren't mentioned on this page as I only had a few dozen clients and it was quite easy to distribute the software to them.  Some versions are also missing as the changes were insignificant or bug fixes.

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