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The Granite Fleet Manager tracks your equipment, serial numbers, service work performed, parts consumed, where the unit currently is and when it's due back.  Reminders of inspections due soon or overdue appear on startup and can be viewed at any time.  Extensive reporting include a complete history of all work done which can be very useful at resale time.   Scanned documents or camera photo files can be associated with a unit or equipment service.  Reports can be emailed as PDF files. 

The system also handles multiple locations such as job sites or customers to which you can assign equipment   Customer invoicing with many markup options is also present in the system.  All reports can be selected for your own equipment or the customers equipment.

The system was started in 1998 and built based on feedback from the mechanics using the system.  I've visited maintenance shop offices and reviewed the system with the folks using the system. In a few cases I've even updated the system while on site to fix minor bugs or add minor features.

This system is in use by an wide range of businesses from large farms to light and heavy construction to bull dozing to the oil patch.   One of Alberta's largest industrial contractors uses the system to track the jobs to which equipment such as generators, compressors, lighting plants, sea cans,  tool boxes, utility and personnel trailers.   They also track the location of tools such as cordless drills, spray machines, fans, step ladders, table saws and fire extinguishers.

A major focus of the system has been to keep the forms clean and uncluttered.   Where the form was looking cluttered and messy tabs were added to keep the data logically organized.   For an example of this philosophy see the Equipment form.  

At the same time rigorous attention was applied to the system with respect to database principles. For example each unit or service order can have an unlimited number of fluids, filters and parts.  You are not limited to the types of filters and fluids that I felt are important.  You can have as many inspections as required and at any interval you require.

I frequently use the Granite Fleet Manager to illustrate various topics of interest to Microsoft Access developers at my Tony's Microsoft Access Blog To view just those blog entries click on this sentence.  

To try the application visit the downloads page.  You can also download the trifold double sided brochure.

Questions?  See the contact page to phone or email.

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