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Bio - Tony

Biography - Tony Toews

Tony Toews is the creator of the Granite Fleet Manager. After the local college gave a free two week course on programming to local high school students I was hooked. I've been designing and creating business solutions for almost thirty years. I first worked with punched cards but fortunately missed the era of paper tape. Access 1.0 came out in 1992 and Iíve greatly enjoyed working in it ever since.

My major accomplishments are:
  - recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional since 1999 in Microsoft Access, one of about 120 in the world.  My MVP profile.
  - over 35,000 postings in the Microsoft Access related newsgroups.
  - Tony's Main Microsoft Access is one of the top three or four visited Access websites with over 150 pages of technical content
  - Tony's Microsoft Access Blog is the most prolific Access related blog on the Internet.  I frequently use the Granite Fleet Manager to illustrate various topics of interesting to Microsoft Access developers on the blog.  To view just those blog entries click on this sentence.  
  - The relationships diagram of my largest Access system was printed on a plotter and was hanging in the hallway of the Microsoft Access product group for a year.  .
  - A small list of the systems I've developed can be found at the Granite Consulting home page
  - Uncle to three great nieces and nephews.

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