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Process Incoming Files

The "Process Incoming Files" function allows you to process scanned files and associate them with specific equipment units or service orders. These can also be files downloaded from digital cameras, emailed to you or other sources.

You must turn this option on in the Global Options form on the Misc tab and specify the "Incoming files path" folder and the "Files sub directory".folder. The "Files sub directory".folder is contained within the same folder as the data MDB so it is easier to backup both the database and the files.

If multiple users are using the system you also select the Scan Folder on the User Details form.

When you scan the files or download them from a camera they must be placed in the "Incoming files path" folder. This folder can be anywhere on your hard drive or on a network folder.

Use the Process Incoming Files form to associate the files with specific equipment units or services. The files are then moved from the "Incoming files path" folder into the "Files sub directory".folder.


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