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This form allows for very flexible report criteria selection and printing options.   There are currently over twenty reports that can be chosen.   The various selection criteria such as Service Date range, Customer, Group and so on are enabled as appropriate for the report and from system settings in the Global Options form.

If you have unique requirements that aren't covered by these reports please contact us.

Report Critiera Selection

Click Service Order Details (with Photo) to view a sample report.  (You must have Adobe Reader or similar product to view the PDF file.)

The following reports are curently available:

Custom Fields
Custom Fields (page between equipment)
Equipment Detail & Service Order Summary Report
Equipment Detail Report (page between equip and with photo)
Equipment Old & New Unit Numbers
Equipment Summary
Equipment Summary (client list)
Equipment Summary (with costs)
Equipment Summary (with current value and date)
Equipment Summary (with initial cost and current value)
Equipment Summary (with serial nbr and plates)
Equipment Job Sites
Equipment Job Sites - Issue/Return Sheet
Equipment Job Sites with Serial Number and Plates
Equipment Ten Year Mtce Cost and Price
Next Service (Oil, Filter, Lube) Due
Overdue Items
Parts Consumption
Service Order Accounting
Service Order Details
Service Order Details (with Photo)
Service Order Summary

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